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We are planning a trip to Rome from 6 April until the 10 of April. Our original plan was to stay in Rome for the wholw 4 nights and just plan a day trip in Florence but now I see there are so many things to do in Florence that we won't be able to do it on a day's trip. So we are now thinking of staying 2 nights in Rome, 1 night in Florence and 1 night in Tuscany. Do you think this should be wise? Also is it best to rent a car and drive from Florence to Tuscany or is it best to get the train? Please advise :)


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I would definitely suggest 2 nights in Rome and 2 nights in Florence. You can use Florence as your base to do a day trip in Tuscany and see some of the highlights, depends on how much you want to do. I would not suggest moving out of Florence for the one day - spend time checking out, getting to the other place, checking in and half of your one day is gone! ;-)

You can do many day trips from Florence on your own with train or bus - these are the top ones:

In Florence, you'll have lots to see:
you might decide to spend the entire two days there.

If you want to see more on your one day in Tuscany, know that there are very popular tours that do this: take you from Florence into Chianti down to Siena, through San Gimignano and then on to Pisa. It is a long day, but you see a lot:
You can do other tours too, do a search on here for more:

To get from Rome to Florence, I suggest the train! Very convenient on both ends and takes you right into the center in Florence. For places to stay in Florence, take a look at