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Hello, my wife and I will be celebrating 30 years and we would love to spend time in the Rome and Tuscany areas. We would be arriving in Rome on July 30th and leaving from Rome on August 14th. We are very relaxed and enjoy seeing artwork, architecture etc, I guess that is what Italy is all about. But we also like to eat like the locals, enjoy amazing food and sights along the way as well. We love good wine and walking through an olive tree grove is not that bad as well. In essence we want to see as much as we can doing the tourist thing, but also relax enjoy the food, wine and the pool or sea. We know it will be quite warm in August, but I am looking for ideas on where to stay in Rome, what is worth seeing, I must say we don't like crowds too much but will put up with them. So we are thinking 5 days in Rome, not sure if that is too much.
Then either driving or taking the train to Florence and renting a car for day trips for 5 days, not sure if we should stay in the north or south or both. And then spend 3 days somewhere on the coast, relaxing and enjoying without getting ripped off like a tourist. Not sure where the best place would be ? We love to eat where the locals eat, we absolutely do not like tourist traps. Someone said that we should book Rome for the first 3 nights, then just drive and stop wherever ? Does that make sense ? Or is important to book in advance for August ? So to put so much out there, but I want to make the trip special for my wife.
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Traveling in August


I strongly suggest that you make reservations if you see a place you really want to stay at or a price that you like...August is a pretty busy month in Italy. And I will be honest, it is hard to avoid the tourists...especially the Italian ones. :p

If you are looking for a special costal experience try Hotel Ilio on tehe Elba Island, lovely both the accommodations and the setting.

Or if you want to stay on the mainland, you could look at Agriturismo Melograno which would set you in the countryside - while being close enough to hop over to the coast.

The fun thing about visiting Rome in the that it is practically empty (except for the tourists) but it is a truly incredible experience...however, having said that 5 days is a lot of time in the city and if it is hot you will probably be wishing for the fresh country air of Tuscany!!!

Buon Viaggio,

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