Rural Tuscany -Three Suggested places to stay please!


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Hi all,
Firstly apologies if anyone else has posted a similar question.

My husband and I are going to Tuscany in July and have 7 nights (thinking of staying in a Pisa B&B on the first night as the flight is quite late).

For the other 6 nights, we want to be fairly rural and want to stay in three places (2 nights each).
We have both been to the big cities and now want to see the countryside (and away from all tourists)
We will have a car and intend to do a lot of sightseeing in the country.
We want to stay in quiet, beautiful places, but with a bar or two to visit in the evening and places with small cafes/restaurants with fabulous rustic food.
We enjoy wine tasting (love Montepulciano wine) and good food. As we want to travel around Tuscany, the three places don't need to be near each other.
Can anyone recommend three fabulous, break taking villages/towns that we can stay in?


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You could also choose to stay in the countryside in one location and use that as your base to move around.

Otherwise, it sounds like you would prefer staying in the villages itself - I highly recommend either Montepulciano, San Quirico d'Orcia or Pienza for 2 nights (choose one, they are all very close) for exploring the Val d'Orcia.
I highly recommend San Donato in Poggio (staying at Palazzo Malaspina)
for exploring Chianti and for something a little different, staying in the upper Maremma in Massa Marittima, Volterra or Bolgheri to explore the Tuscan Etruscan coast!