San Giovanni Fireworks


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Where's the best place to see the Fireworks for the San Giovanni celebration on June 24? I thinking of making a reservation on the hill near San Miniato ... any suggestions? Will that be a good viewing spot?


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Fireworks for San GIovanni


when you say reservation - you mean for a hotel? There are lots of places that have a great panoramic terrace, so are you talking about a reservation for dinner?

Personally, I have never seen the fireworks from there. I had a great position along the river, on the side where the Uffizi is - and one time I went up to see them from the panoramic terrace in Fiesole.

I can't really say if from San Miniato would be a good position, because I thought that it was the area where they shoot them up , and it would seem you would get a crick in your neck looking up.

I will tell you that the streets along the river fill up fast - and get packed with people out to see the event - and I thought the show was well worth the wait!

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As Donna was saying, San Miniato might be too close. They get sent up from Piazzale Michelangelo which is right below and actually closed off to people and cars.
But if you want to walk up there and find a spot from which to view them, I am sure you will get a good show.

The majority of locals just walk toward the Arno river and see them from there. There is a huge crowd and you're likely to be standing unless you find a spot right by the wall and manage to sit on there. The wait is worth it, they are generally a good show that lasts about 30-40 minutes after the sun has set.