Santa Croce Procession in Lucca Sept 13, 14


Good morning.

My mother and I will be in Lucca for this Celebration.

? Is there a place along the procession where we can book a table for dinner etc to watch the procession?

I would be happy to pre book if possible, I have searched and read a lot about the event, but really there is not a lot of information for people like me who have no knowledge of Lucca nor the event.

Any other thoughts on this eventful weekend would be appreciated by our forum hosts as well as the tourists/locals who have experienced this weekend.

We picked this weekend for this event!

Kind regards


The Tuscan Expert ;-)
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It is a religious procession, so you can grab a candle and join in!

You can read about it in more detail here:

If you just want to have a view of the procession as it passes by, I think that all you need to do once you're in Lucca is find a restaurant along the main street that has outdoor dining tables. The procession makes its way from San Frediano to the cathedral, if you map those on Google Maps you'll likely see which streets you have to concentrate your attention on. Whether they have outdoor dining or not I cannot tell - many just set up the tables right outside once the weather changes, so it isn't something "fixed" throughout the year.