Scenic drive and place to stay after visiting Saturnia via car.


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My husband and I are coming to the area in May. We are arriving in Florence and were thinking we'd head to Cirque Terre before headed to Siena and then Rome. We have decided Cirque Terre seems a bit far and are thinks of taking a train from Florence to Siena and then renting a car allowing us to explore to area. We are thinking of going to Saturnia and then overnighting in the area on the way to Rome. Any suggestions about scenic places to stay/explore in the area on the way to Rome?


Some ideas

If you are going to Saturnia you can get a trip in the area of Pomarance, it's a charming area, a perfect countryside.
From Pomarance (visit Larderello if you have enough time!) you can enjoy the countryside between Villa Ciggiano, Castelfalfi and Montaione (you can book an horseback riding tour!).

When leaving Tuscany, visit Maremma. I suggest to visit Sovana, Sorano, Pitigliano before living this region. Then you can enjoy the Lake of Bolsena and Orvieto (in Lazio). And finally... Rome! :)
Hope you will enjoy Tuscany!