Scenic driving in 3 days from Rome to Florence via Assissi and Siena


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With our 15yr old son and 12 yr old daughter my wife and I want to drive from Rome to Florence spending a night in Assissi and Siena en route. We want to experience beautiful country side, small towns and particular places of interest along the way. Can anyone recommend a route for us? Many thanks


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another night in between Siena and Assisi to enjoy the Tuscan countryside :)

From Rome, take the A1 and head to Terni (leave A1 at Orte), then through Spoleto and on to Assisi.

From Assisi, you can head to Perugia and then on to the Val d'Orcia and stop to visit at least Montepulciano and Pienza before heading on toward Siena. If you have time, stop in San Quirico and Montalcino.

Stop as you like for pictures and meals! :)

I'm thinking, depending on how long you stay in Perugia, you might actually have to stop along the way in Val d'Orcia before arriving into Siena rather than hurry along or skip it. While the distances aren't far, there are lots of things to see and places to stop at and if you really want to enjoy the countryside, I really do suggest not skipping Val d'Orcia - it is classic postcard Tuscany with rolling hills, groups of cypress trees and hilltop towns. What period of the year are you coming? The Val d'Orcia changes colors so each season is different!! :)