Scenic Picnic Stop Accessible by Bus?


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Hello! My fiancé and I are traveling to Florence and would love to see some of the gorgeous Tuscan countryside and maybe stop for picnic, but are too nervous about driving to rent a car. Do you have any suggestions for accessing scenery/a hike via bus? Grazie Mille!


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Picnics in Florence


if you never leave the historic center, you can remain blissfully unaware of the green corners that are easily accessible.

This article will give you some ideas of places within the city limits:

Whereas this article talks about a few places outside of the city limits:

I was just up to the Rose Garden this week, next to Piazzale Micelangelo, and saw a few people with books and picnics, I particularly love how these gardens are close enough to the city to hear the mid-day bells BUT not all the traffic.:cool:

Buon Viaggio,

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