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I'm travelling from Pisa to Florence in August by car with my parents and my dad said from Pisa, we will drop the car at Florence and a few days after that we will take the bus to Siena.

I'm hoping to see those beautiful scenic hills of Tuscany and I feel that I won't see any of it with my dad's plan. Is that true? Or will there still be beautiful sights from Pisa to Florence?

Perhaps I can convince my dad to take a short detour somewhere? Any suggestions?

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the landscape from Pisa to Florence is not as picturesque as some areas. (unless you go off just a bit the main road)

HOWEVER, the scenery on the bus to Siena is rather picturesque, so you will see some lovely areas on the bus (and being set up high you get a better view).

Though, if you can convince your Dad, you can look at taking the long road to Florence and incorporate a Chianti town or two that will give you the views - and still leave you in a postion to drop off the car. Look at adding Montaione, Certaldo and Montespertoli to your itinerary going to Florence and though it will take a bit longer - you will be adding some great scenery.

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Grazie mille!

Grazie mille Donna Denise!
I still have a few months to persuade him to take a detour :) Thank you again for the tips!