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Hi everyone,
I am looking for intense/several day classes in sheep cheese making or a farmstay where I can learn how to make sheep cheese from beginning to end during several weeks. I am looking for classes specifically focused on using sheeps' milk and want to learn to make for example pecorino. I speak good Italian- so that is no problem. I have been searchig and searching so I hope someone can recommend places for classes or farmstays here. All I can always find are one daytours or maximum 2 day classes. That is not enough for me because I want to learn it propperly.
Please only answer about sheep cheese making contacts. Thank you everyone! I look forward to getting recommendations/contacts.


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Have you tried contacting the places that offer the 2 day seminars/courses to see if they are able to extend the course?

I also found this two day seminar, is it the one you had found already?
I would suggest contacting them directly to ask for a longer course/experience, I am sure they would be willing to look into it.

Otherwise, the best alternative is to contact the producers directly, I think you'd have better success that way, particularly with small producers who likely already offer some sort of training or internships. Explain well why you are looking to do the course, talking directly to small producers generally has a good result if you show them who you are and why you want to have them spend time with you.

Here's a few near Pienza, considering you're interested in pecorino, I think that's where you should go in Tuscany ;-).

Caseificio di Mario:

Caseificio Cugusi:

Fattoria Buca Nuova - seem to be related to Cugusi family --

Podere il Casale - they only have a demonstration of cheesemaking on their site, but again, check if they are open to a course/teaching by demonstrating -

Let me know if you have any success, I'd love to then be able to recommend this possibility to others who might be interested!

Good luck!


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Cheese in Tuscany

Buongiorno -

oh my goodness, cheese is one of my favorite foods to explore in Tuscany (along with pasta, olive oil, cold cuts and...)

This article may be a good start to give you some basic info on what to expect and a few places in different areas that you can visit.

I have tried to go and visit several that advertise cheese making - but keep in mind that their times revolve around the sheep (for example, no classes when they are milking) and also the time of year when the sheep have milk to spare.

Caseificio Cugusi is one of the few that offer a pretty wide range of options - but as Lourdes mentioned, you really need to contact them in advance. Many of these are small producers and their time is mainly spent caring for the flock, so their schedule is tight.

Enjoy and Buon Viaggio,

Donna Denise