Sept 14 -20th. 2017


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We will be starting our 2 week vacation in Florence; arriving on the 14th and leaving for Rome on the 20th to the 27th. We would probably like to spend 3 days visiting the sights of Florence, do a full day excursion to Siena/Pisa, the more relaxing, wandering and shopping before leaving for Rome. Was wondering if anyone had a 3 day itinerary to help us take in the sights of Florence.

Also, I've been reading about the Frienze pass; it seems to exclude the Dumo and the Accademie but include most other museums, is this correct. For visiting Siena/Pisa, is this doable on our own or, is it better to book this with a tour.


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Firenze in three days


I am going to offer you a link to Itineraries in Florence, in specific there is a three day itinerary. However, you could do a two day itinerary and then add one of several walking itineraries you can do on your own that have a theme that you might just find interesting.

I also suggest that you save our link for events in September and check it out before you leave to see what is happening. Many times we update this the week or two before the beginning of the month in order to have the correct dates - but you will note that most of the events on our page occur every year - so you can have a general idea of what is going on.

Have a read through Lourdes article on the Firenze Card, to see if that gives you more useful information on navigating the pros and cons of the card.

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