September Running Events


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Does anyone know of a 5k-10k road race, within reach of Florence by train or bus, any time between 20 September and 29 September?

Ciao PhillyBluesFan,
you can take a look at this site that has a calendar of running events. All the localities with "(Fi)" after the name are in the province of Florence, which means that they are close enough. In those days I can see there is a race in Mercatale Val di Pesa on the 20th, one in Pelago on the 21st and one in Borgo San Lorenzo on the 22nd, one near San Casciano on the 23rd ... so several to choose from!

I will run in the Corri la Vita in Florence, which is a really nice as the whole city seems to run together that day, unfortunately it's on the 30 of September - anyway, for more info, you can see

Have a great stay in Florence!