September wine tours


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My husband and I have visited Tuscany in September in the past and loved it. However, several wineries were closed during that month. Is that normal? If so, what are the "closed" timeframes? Also, what is the best airport (international) to fly into if we're going to spend most of our time in the Tuscan area? (We flew into Rome the last time because we were visiting several different areas.)

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Wineries in September


You should look to fly into either Florence or Pisa both are excellent locations and fully equipped with rental car services, bus transfers to the city centers and taxi services.

As for your experience with the wineries in September, you may have found many "closed" in a manner of speaking. Many vineyards start harvesting in September and it is really "all hands on deck" - everyone is called into help organize and prepare for the harvest.

You can check out this page and initiative, they have wine tastings and open cantinas all through September on specific dates. This is normally smaller vineyards in the Arezzo area - but the wines are excellent and it offers you a peek at something a little different the Chianti Classico. Of course, the dates for next year won't come out till later - but I just went to one last week and not only was there wine but cheese and olive oil...nice deal!

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