Seven days in Tuscany starting at Pisa and returning to Pisa.


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Have flights into and out of Pisa. I am looking to create a round trip to see as much of the Tuscany area that I can.
Has anyone done this before?
Any suggestions to get the best out of a 7 day adventure would be greatly appreciated!
7 Glorious Days in Tucany


now that sounds like a plan! Have a look at these articles which should give you a base to start from. There is a full day itinerary for Pisa, and another 2 day itinerary for Florence.

The 5 day itinerary takes Florence out of the equation and indicates a few great places to visit outside of the importnat city.

I would start your stay in Florence and then make a circle from there ending with San Gim and Pisa.

5 days in Tuscany

7 days in Tuscany

One Day in Pisa

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