Shopping near Barberino Val d'este

Hi we will be in this area around 10th October. I'd like to know where we can buy food. Are there local markets in this area and what days are they open. We will be staying in a villa so need to stock up our kitchen. Also looking for local restaurants where we can eat inexpensively with five children.


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Barberino val d'Elsa


Great area to visit!! It's a lovely little town, and you might find a good value at Barberino at one of the restaurants on either side of the church.

As for supermarkets, you will find many little shops with specialty items - including many products KM0, meaning local.

However, if you have to buy more in bulk, then you might want to do the larger part of your shopping at either the COOP (perhaps the larger COOP in Poggibonsi would be most suitable, [Coop, Via Salceto, 11, 53036 Poggibonsi SI] about 15 minutes) or even Eurospin (Colle Val d'Elsa - about 20 minutes) - notorious for their low prices, even if the products are not local.

As for activities with the kids, check out this article which may help with a few ideas:

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