Short trip to florence


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Hi, I'm going to Florence of only 2 days and i know is too short time to explore this beautiful place. I have draft out an itinerary for the stay in Florence. And would like you to give me some comments.

27 June 2010 (Sunday)

Arrive Florence at 8:00pm
Go for dinner and walk around

28 June 2010 (Monday)

1. Duomo and climb up into dome

2. Piazza della Signoria
(To see the copy of the famous Statue of David as the museum is close on Monday)

3. Palazzo Vecchio

4. Uffizi Museum (Close, but will take some picture from outside)

5. Ponte Vecchio

The rest of the day will be walking around the town area and do some shopping & eating lots of gelato!

29 June 2010 (Tuesday)

Going to the space (Prada)

Leave to Airport at 5pm

I have read some of the restaurant review at Tripadvisor and this are the restaurant that I pick.

1. I' Tozzo Di Pane - Guelfa 94/r
2. Osteria Brincello - Via Nazionale 110r
3. Osteria di Giovanni - 22 Via Moro

Do you think this restaurant is a good choice? Can you also recommend me some of the restaurant that is good and not so touristic?

Sorry to ask so many question and I hope to hear from you soon. Thank very much!


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Two days in Florence

Dear kellylai,

I think you made up a good itinerary for your stay in Florence. Of course it's a shame you don't have more time.

I suggest you add Piazzale Michelangelo to your itinerary. It's the balcony of the city and from there you can have a great view over Florence. You can go there on your arrival date or the next day at the sunset. You'll be speechless :D
I recommend you read our suggestions for spending 2 days in Florence.

Regarding the restaurants you mentioned, I've got to say that I don't know them. I cannot advice you about them, but I'd like to suggest one of my favorite restaurants, Trattoria i 4 Leoni that is near Palazzo Pitti and Piazza Santo Spirito.

If you are then going to Prada outlet you can also visit The Mall outlet in Leccio, that isn't too far from there. There you find Gucci, Armani, Valentino, Ferragamo and many other fashion designers.

Well, I hope my suggestions helped you to fine tune your plans. Don't hesitate to come back and to share with us your experience.
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Hi Valentina,

Thank you for your suggestion, i will go the Piazzale Michelangelo to see the sunset. Ohh i have read about this restaurant from you website and i will go there for dinner.....yeah! I would like to know when is the "SUMMER SALES" start?

Can't wait to go to Florence, i am counting down the days.
Thank you very much for your help. Wish you have a very nice day!


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Suggestions for 2 days in Florence

Dear kellylai,

I can understand your excitement for this trip to Florence. It's such a beautiful city and has so much to offer that you'll be amazed :D

Since I suppose you like shopping I suggest you visit Via de Tornabuoni and Via della Vigna Nuova for famous designers' boutiques. In the area between Duomo, Palazzo Vecchio and Ponte Vecchio you find lots of shops: department stores, local labels such as Sarah Pacini in Via del Corso, international brands' shops as H&M and Zara.
Summer sales in Florence will start in mid July and last till September. So it looks like you'll miss them this time.

Regarding Trattoria i 4 Leoni I'm happy to hear that you want to try it. I suggest you make a reservation, since it's often busy. You can even do it online on their website. The kitchen is open from 12.00 p.m. to 12 a.m. so you'll certainly find a place. For a light lunch in Florence I want to suggest you eat at Cantinetta da Verrazzano in Via dei Tavolini. It offers delicious schiacciata farcita (typical bread filled with ham, cheese or vegetables), lots of typical cakes and biscuits that you can eat while drinking a good glass of wine.

I really hope you'll enjoy Florence and share with us your experience :D
A nice day to you!


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Dear Valentina

Yes i love shopping this is my passion.......hehehe!
I will also like to buy some small gift for my family's and friends back home.
Hope i can find somethings that i can afford to buy for them. Do you think i can get a small leather coin purse or leather keychain at 5 to 6 euro? I know leather goods is very famous in Florence.

I will surely make a reservation for dinner at Trattoria i 4 Leoni. I will definitely eat at Cantinetta da Verrazzano in Via dei Tavolini for lunch, course your know the best! :)

Thank you for all your suggestion and i know i will really enjoy my trip to Florence. Wish you have a really good day!:)


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Typical leather gifts from Florence

Ciao kellylai,

I love shopping too :D and it's so much fun shopping while you're on vacation!

I'm sure you find small leather gifts for your friends and family.
If you want to bring them something special and typical from Florence I suggest you buy them "tacco", that is the Italian word for heel. Tacco is a round coin purse made of one piece of leather with a particular technique. It has been used since the Middle Ages in Florence. The name comes from its particular shape, that is similar to men shoes' heels.
You can look for it at San Lorenzo Market or any leather shops in the center. The price goes from Euro 5 to 30-40. It depends on leather quality, size and manufacture. I'm sure that your friends will appreciate it ;)

I wish you a nice day!


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I am arriving at Pisa airport on the evening (21.30) of 22 June, My dilema is, where do I spend my first 2 nights? Do I just book into a hotel in Pisa for 1 night and move on to somewhere else before going onto Radda? On the night we arrive it is my husbands birthday. Any ideas?

I have booked from Thursday 24 June until Sunday 27 June a chateau style hotel in Radda, where I can use this as a base to explore Chianti, from there I am travelling on the Sunday to Florence, where I will spend until Tuesday late afternoon. (I have booked into Joanna II, which looks charming)




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Dear Valentina

Oh gosh..... that "tacco" is really very pretty, i will definitely buy this for my friends and of course for myself. I have never see this before, this is a fantastic gift to everyone and something special from Florence.

I am glad that i found this website, i have found lots of information and the great help from you. Anyone who wants to go Florence must come to this great website!

Once again i will like to say thank you so much and wish you a great day ahead.


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Pisa and Lucca on the first two nights

Ciao Carol,

Since you are arriving so late into Pisa, and it is your husband's birthday, I heartily recommend you spend at least the first night in Pisa. If you use the search form at the top of this page, you can search for hotels in Pisa in the historical center. The next day you can spend the morning exploring the Campo dei Miracoli, the Square of Miracles, that is in essence the heart of Pisa with its cathedral, baptistery and Leaning Tower.

A late but really delicious dinner at the Osteria dei Cavalieri might be just the thing to celebrate your husband's birthday on your first night. It is on Via San Frediano, very centrally located. When we were there last summer, everything we had was delicious, from the fried bread balls with ham to the baked courgette pie covered in tomato sauce to the desserts. We were there for lunch so stayed relatively light but it is likely the meat or seafood main dishes are also very good.

After you've spent the morning visiting Pisa, you can decide to leave in the afternoon and take the train to Lucca, spending your second night there. Lucca is a small walled town, very charming and very quiet overall. We really enjoyed the view from the walls, which are actually now a park that surrounds the entire historical part of town. From there, you can move on to Radda which will be a great base for seeing Chianti. The Johanna residences in Florence are very charming and central, it is a very good choice from which to enjoy Florence.


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short trip to florence

Hi Lourdes,

Thank you for that good advice, I like the look of the restaurant you have recommended in Pisa and I have e-mailed them to see how late they stay open. I also like the idea of spending the second night in Lucca before moving onto Chianti for three nights.

I was initially thinking of hiring a car when I arrived at Pisa Airport, but it may be better just to take a taxi that eveing and sort out a car the next day.

Approx how much is a taxi from the airport to the centre of Pisa, I was thinking of a hotel near to the restaurant you recommended?

Again, many thanks for your advice, my itinarary is starting to look exciting.



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Ciao Carol,

Sounds like your plans are coming together and you'll be here in less than a month! :)

The Pisa airport is quite close to the city so fares should be from 6-8 euro on average. You can find more details on the stands on the airport's website. It makes sense to worry about the rental car the following day rather than on your arrival.

The restaurant unfortunately seems to only be open until 10pm! I hope they give you different hours by email.... if you can't make it on your first night, you could try them for lunch the next day. Sorry about that, I should have checked the hours....

The Pizzeria da Montino is also really close by, the dishes and pizza is really good there but again I am not sure of hours. I think they definitely will be open until later, it is family-run and really informal, very popular with locals. That whole area has many restaurants as it is really central so I am sure you'll find something that is open - I've heard good things of other restaurants nearby but have not been yet: Trattoria La Buca near the Square of Miracles as well as Osteria La Grotta but again don't know about hours...