SIM CARD FOR PHONES and getting around apps ?

Zara Arif

staying in Italy for two weeks; travelling to rome, florence and venice ... and then flying to greece
im assuming that the cell phone services are going to be different for all these regions ?
where can i find a sim card.. do they have prepaid sim cards ?

also whats the best app to get around with the city .. google maps ? or italy has its own app that would be much more useful. if we want directions on foot or for buses/trains.

Any tips/suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Im landing rome on sat.... oh so excited !!!!!!

Zara :)


The Tuscan Expert ;-)
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I would suggest you download the local maps on Google Maps to your phone before you arrive -- you can download for offline use - and use those! There is no local app you can use for every place you go.

There is often free wifi in hotels and B&Bs so you can plan your days in the morning before heading out.

Yes, there are prepaid SIM cards! If you wish to purchase a prepaid SIM card on arrival, just head for a TIM store. It is the largest national phone company and has the best coverage across all of Italy, so will work in Rome, Venice and Florence. There are shops everywhere so you should find one easily enough.
For Greece, you'll either have to pay roaming charges or get another local SIM there.