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This is my first question....fingers crossed!! A BIG THANK YOU to Lourdes who has been so patient guiding me to this point.

We are arriving in Florence by train on a Saturday in April @ 1800. We would like to purchase SIM cards for a mobile phone and an iPad.

Is the closest place for TIM at Via Nazionale/Via dell 'Ariento? And what is the opening hours on Saturday and Sunday.

We are staying at Via dei Serragli. Is there a TIM (or other phone out let) near here? SWS


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Oops, didn't go too well as far as your first post went, sorry about that! ! :(
I am hoping you got everything sorted out without a problem!

In any case, for all others - most stores close at 7.30pm even on Saturdays, then are closed on Sundays.
Some now have openings on Sundays, but it really is up to the store to decide whether to open or not.