Slovak or english guide in Tuscany....


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Hello, my name is Zuzana and we are planning with our friends 4 day trip to Tuscany, from 30th october to 2th november. We are 2 couples and we would like to ask, is it somebody who comes from Slovakia, living in Tuscany and have a time to show us a Tuscany? what we must see in Tuscany, what places we must to see, where can we get a accomodation, we love friendly atmosphere in tuscan famylies, we love good food, hand made things, we would like to feel real Tuscany and have a nice experience... I thing that we will come back because Tuscany is my big dream and it is not real to feel everything in 4 days;-)... Thanks about every type and ideas... Zuzana


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Ciao Zuzana,

As you're talking of this weekend, if you're really planning on coming to Florence and Tuscany I suggest you start by booking your accommodation - Nov 1st is a national holiday so the weekend is supposed to be really busy. Take a look at if you want to stay outside of Florence, or if you want to stay in Florence.

Then, if you wish a guide to accompany you, I suggest you either consider joining a tour such as a walking tour - take a look at the many options here:
or plan on contacting a tour guide directly to ask for their tours.
I suggest doing everything quickly, as it is best to arrive with an idea of what you're going to do, given the busy weekend ahead.