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dear all,
we are considering to go to Tuscany this summer and would like to rend a mobil home in a camping not far from the sea (at least at a bicycle distance of the beach, say up to 3 km).
We made a preliminary reservation in a nice camping near Grosseto called Cielo Verde but we are really afraid by the size of the camping: 300 mobil homes and 2000 pitches means for 5000 people!!!

Therefore, we cancelled our reservation for the time being to look at a family size camping with maximim of 50 pitches/bengalows... We are really looking at a quiet place as we have young kids and we don't mind if there is no swimming pool.

Can you kindly recommend us a couple of places with these criteria?

As you know, we cannot select the size of teh camping in the various accomodation database found in internet.

Many thanks for your support and regards.


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Campings in southern Tuscany

Dear Day's Family,

Thanks for being so kind to post your question on our forum.

Maremma is one of the most beautiful areas in Tuscany and I personally love it. From Grosseto to Capalbio the sea is blue and clear, and you have both long sandy beaches and rocks.

In Maremma there are many campings, especially along the coast. It's not easy to find something as small as you wish.
Each camping has its own policy for guests that schedules activities in the camping. In fact there are the "silence hours" both during the day and during the night. This means that in the afternoon (for a couple of hours) and during the night is not possible to make noises or be loud, cars or motorcycles can not go around and so on.

These are some campings in Maremma:

  • Camping Village Rocchette - it's fully equipped (swimming pool, gym, market, etc.) it has 75 bungalows, it organizes many different activities for children and adults and is located near Castiglione della Pescaia.

  • Riva dei Butteri - it's a small camping with about 20 bungalows and is located near Follonica.

  • Talamone Camping Village - located near Talamone it has about 50 bungalows. It organizes different activities both kids and adults.
Near Talamone if you want to experience the real taste of Maremma, I suggest you stay at La Valentina Nuova Farmhouse in Talamone.
This nice Agriturismo is surrounded by green and relaxing countryside and has 5 large apartments tastefully furnished in Tuscan style. It's located about 3 km from the seaside.

I hope these suggestions help you finding the place you are looking for your holidays.
I also hope you'll share your experience in Tuscany when back home :D