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My best friend is getting married on December 19th in Fiesole. He has been living in Florence for a while and was hoping to host a couple of members of family and a couple of friends - however, his accommodation has fallen through at the last minute!

SO! We are hoping to find - as soon as possible - somewhere that we can stay. It would be from the weekend of Dec 12th to the following weekend, max 8 people staying (probably less) (a good few of whom can happily sleep on the floor).

Ideally, it would be an apartment/small house or similar that we could rent out for the week. But a nice hostel could work too! Obviously, this is an unexpected cost and quite a last minute addition, right before the wedding, so a 'budget-friendly' option would be much appreciated!

It's a pretty responsible, low-maintenance group (no wild parties or anything like that!).

I would love to hear from you!!
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Ciao Sam,

While it's wonderful you're coming soon for the wedding, the pull out of the accommodation at the last minute could be a problem... or not! Maybe you'll get the chance to discover a new place you wouldn't have found otherwise ;-)

Take a look at the places recommended here:
but as it goes by geography, it starts to right away list places in Florence I'll recommend specifically Poggio al Sole. Contact Giovanni right away -- if he doesn't have guests during those days, I'd suggest renting all of the rooms and thus the whole house to have for your group. You'll enjoy privacy while at the same time having Giovanni and Antonietta around to provide delicious breakfasts every morning!! :D
They are not directly in the town of Fiesole but close enough so that you can enjoy the countryside as well as easy access to Fiesole and Florence (and beyond).

Another one in the countryside (both are reachable by bus from Florence) that is also close to Fiesole is La Paggeria.

If you want to stay in Florence proper, then consider getting several apartments at La Medicea -
or another one from here: (there isn't just one that can host the entire group so maybe 2 would be good?)

Let us know what you find, whether you need more suggestions!