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Hi All -

Does anyone know of/can recommend a place in Florence where I can take cooking classes specializing in Italian breakfast cakes?



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Are you interested in several classes or a one time class?

I think you'd have to look into "pasticceria" or pastry type classes to get breakfast cakes included - something like this, but this is a professional class: https://www.cordonbleu-it.com/en-gb/courses-en/all-courses/pastry-cooking
while this is a 2 hour class: http://tours.visitflorence.com/tour...ooking-Class-with-a-Local-Chef/d519-17024P752

Also you're more likely to do what you're interested in if you get a private cooking class, not a group class.
You could contact Fiamma and Ginny from Kitchen Chez Nous and ask to see if it is something they could offer, if you're interested in a one time class: https://www.discovertuscany.com/tuscany-cooking-classes/interview-kitchen-chez-nous.html

Eataly has lots of one of cooking classes as well, but there is a specific calendar: https://www.eataly.net/it_it/corsi/firenze --- not sure they offer private classes .