Stay at a wineyard for a couple days and charge my car (EV)


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We are going for a roadtrip this summer with a Tesla (electric car) from Norway.
I dream of a place in Tuscany - preferably a wineyard with tasting and all or a farm with other local produce - where we could stay for just a couple days (several offers for a week long stay which we cannot do).
We are 3 adults and 2 kids and need a family room/ 1-2 bedroom appartment. Not too expensive :)
Would be great to have a possibility to charge the car overnigt/some hours (I believe Type 2, chademo, red or blue industrial socket, or a Tesla wall charger would do).

All help to find something would be highly appreciated - I have been checking all over the Internet.

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Villa Lecchi is a Tesla destination charging partner

I can suggest an excellent hotel with Tesla partner program, Villa Lecchi:
They have three different types of room and suite, and the villa enjoy a superb location among the famous vineyards of Tuscany.
Hope it's what you are looking for :) (and if you're looking for a suite or a room in Florence downtown also, get a tour on our web site, Casa Howard)


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Ciao iEva,

This page has a list of charging partners in Italy by Tesla:

but unfortunately the list isn't easy to use as places are listed by name and not by location.... so you can check whether a place you like is listed but not really use it as a way to see who offers the charging stations. For now, the great majority of places do not offering charging stations for EV but hopefully that will change soon as more people buy EVs.

What I'm doing at the moment is extracting the places on the list that are in Tuscany and making a list with map of these lodgings to create a useful, starting list. I will post this very soon so make sure to activate the notifications on this thread so that as soon as I post the article I can let you know through this thread ;-).