Stay in Chianti and moving around


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Hello there,
I found this forum is quite helpful with lots of information provided. Thank you so much. Collecting from some suggestions, I have planned my trip in Tuscany in 5 days ( 2 days in Florence, 2 days in Chianti and the last day in Siena.

I am still not sure about moving around Chianti. We are not open for renting a car.

Knowing that there is SITA bus to Greve in Chianti. From there, I would like to have 1 day moving to Castelina and Radda, can those be reached by renting a scooter in Greve? What is the distance from Greve to those destinations? We also want to stop by some vineyards for tasting wine, therefore I hope that a scooter can be easily rented in Greve.

Also, biking to San Gimignano from the Greve, is it possible? If not, is there any bus to San Gimignano?

From Greve in Chianti, we will head off to Siena, can you please help in guiding if any train or bus available?

Thank you so much for your guiding


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Moving around Chianti from Greve

Dear set_me_free,

We are glad you like our forum and find threads useful.

As told in other articles, moving around Chianti by public transportation can be a challenge. Most of all because of bus schedules and limited bus stops. Anyway, it's a challenge but not impossible ;)

Greve in Chianti is well connected to Florence and is one of the main localities in Florentine Chianti. It's about 20 km both from Castellina in Chianti and Radda in Chianti. Castellina is about 10 km from Radda.

The SITA line 365 goes from Florence to Greve - Radda - Castellina and Gaiole. In one day you can try visiting both Castellina and Radda moving by bus but you have to pay attention to the bus schedules.

Since you mentioned renting a scooter, I definitely recommend it especially if you want to do some wine tastings along the way. Moving around by scooter lets you take your time taking pictures, stopping at small villages and doing wine tastings on the way.

The total trip is about 50 km: from Greve to Castellina in Chianti is about 20 km, (30-40 minutes by scooter); from Castellina to Radda in Chianti is about 10 km; from Radda back to Greve about 20 km.

Regarding moving from Greve to Siena there are not regular buses scheduled between the two cities. It means that you have two different options going to Siena from Greve.
You can take the bus from Greve to Florence and then from Florence the direct bus to Siena.
Otherwise you can take the bus from Greve to Castellina and then from Castellina to Siena (line 125).
Both options are good and have almost the same duration. I personally recommend the first option (Greve-Florence-Siena).

I hope these suggestions help you fixing your holiday's plans in Tuscany and that you'll share your experience with us :D


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Biking from Greve to San Gimignano

Hi set_me_free,
let me answer you about biking from Greve to San Gimignano: it is actually possible and it's a really beautiful road, but it's around 50 km and there are some serious uphills, especially to reach Castellina.
I have never been all the way to San Gimignano with my bike, but I have done several times Greve-Poggibonsi, I can attach here the altitude profile from my GPS.

Since I guess that you would have to go back to Greve (another 50 km), I wouldn't recommend going with your bike, or you wouldn't have the time (and energy!) to visit San Gimignano properly. :)


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Dear Valentina and Stefano,
thank you so much for your guiding. I am so happy that biking from Greve to Castellina and Radda is possible. I will definatetly go as your suggestion of going back to Florence to move to Siena.
I have changed my plan of staying more in Siena, so that from Siena I can go by bus to San Gimignano. I do not want to miss San Gimignano :D
san gimignano to greve road bike

Stefano ... What route would you recommend from San Gimignano to Greve? My girlfriend and I will have road bikes and a full day to traverse the two. Would love to break up the serious hills as much as possible.


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Stefano ... What route would you recommend from San Gimignano to Greve? My girlfriend and I will have road bikes and a full day to traverse the two. Would love to break up the serious hills as much as possible.

Ciao Solomon,
I personally would take this route:
which is basically the one that I was referring in my old post.

There is some uphill (we are in Tuscany after all...) but it's gradual and definitely doable in one day, maybe stopping at Castellina for a break / lunch.
I particularly like the road between Poggibonsi and Castellina (SS429), it's a smooth uphill with scenic views, not too many cars, and it's very "Chiantish". I'm sure you and your wife will love it too! It's also the best way to reach Castellina, which would be the highest point to reach (578 m / 1,896 ft).
After Castellina you would have first a nice downhill then some more steep uphill to climb to Panzano (around 500 m on the sea level). Once in Panzano, it's all a fast downhill to Greve in Chianti.
All this route is really nice, the hardest uphills would be in climbing to Panzano, but uphills in Chianti are not that bad, just maybe don't plan to do that part when it's too hot.

I attach an altimetric profile of the part between Greve and Poggibonsi (so the opposite direction that you would be doing) as the attachment of my old post doesn't seem to load anymore.