Stay in Patigliano or Manciano?

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Would so appreciate some informed advice! I bid on and won a WEEK trip to Italy and can stay in either Patigliano - in the city - or on the outskirts of Manciano - both are all sold out except for one week in AUGUST. I have to book ASAP as they're almost all booked up. Which area would be more suited for me / my friends? In the small home in Manciano, it's at a compound on outskirt of town, a 10-minute walk into the city. Other is more in the city. I'll be with a couple of friends and not sure which area would be more fun and offer more for us to do? We're into wines, food, day trips, musuems / arts, shopping, beach, thermal spas, nature walk if beautiful area / inspiring views, etc. Also, any special events - stargazing or something sounded really amazing?? Please advise - as I have to pull the trigger shortly and am too UNinformed to know what I'm doing - and I am grateful for any candid input!

Thank you! Mary


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Buongiorno Mary -

Wow, what a super prize!! So you didn't say but I am going to assume both of these places are the ones located in the Maremma (gorgeous!)

Actually, if this is the case, you have Pitigliano (with an I not an A) and Manciano. This area is quite famous within Tuscany for its wine production - and its landscapes are fantastic. And you will be near Saturnia, a wonderful hot springs source, with a gorgeous waterfall.

You will definitely need a rental car, and in that case either in the city or in the countryside will be perfect. Pitigliano is a town bursting with history and they have quite a busy social life in the summer - so FUN! Whereas living out in the "compound", which is probably an agritourism, a fully functional farm with countryside views, will give you the peace and quiet of Tuscany.

Here are a few links that might help you decide a bit better:



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