Staying 3 days just outside of tripping to Tuscany then Drive to Rome


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Good day,
My wife and I are going to Italy in 2 weeks we are flying in to Pisa, driving and staying just outside Florence.
We are staying 3 days in Florence, driving to Rome and staying 4 days then driving to Positano for 3 days.

The question is: Planning my three days in Florence and the drive to Rome.

We want to see Florence but more interested in driving through Tuscany, visit some towns and wineries. We also plan on seeing the countryside during our drive to Rome, via the scenic route (which we need recommendations)

Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Thank you,
Todd Patane


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3 days in Florence and Tuscany

Welcome to our Forum Todd!

Having just three days to visit Florence and Tuscany I would suggest you to concentrate in the area between Florence and Siena.

Perfect destinations for your 3 days would be Florence, San Gimignano, the Chianti area (here you can find many wineries) and Siena. You can find very useful info in this article about 3 days in Tuscany >>
Make sure to drive to Siena taking the SS222 Via Chiantigiana - this takes you through the heart of Chianti.

Driving from Florence to Rome, I suggest you a couple of options:

First choice: Go south to Siena along the Firenze-Siena roadway, then continue south along the SS2 Via Cassia into the amazing Valdorcia area (breathtaking landscapes!). Along the way, you have to stop and visit Pienza and Montalcino (read more about Valdorcia ). Head toward Montepulciano from where you can head toward the A1 and in about 2 more hours driving time, you'll reach Rome.

The second choice is less scenic as a route, but includes very nice destinations as well. Taking the Motorway A1 (Autostrada A1) from Florence toward Rome, stop to visit the beautiful Arezzo and a bit further south, Cortona, made famous by the Hollywood movie "Under the Tuscan Sun".

I would prefer the first option, I'm totally in love with the Valdorcia!

I hope this info can help you planning a great holiday!


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San Quirico d'Orcia

Cristina has given excellent suggestions for the scenic route. I'd like to add that as you drive south from Siena along the Cassia route, right before you get to San Quirico d'Orcia to the right of the road you'll see a pretty famous group of cypress trees in the middle of a hilly field. These are everywhere on postcards of Tuscany!!
Make sure to stop and take pictures, you'll likely find other cars stopped along the road right after the bridge.

Then shortly after you've passed San Quirico heading toward Pienza also take a look to the right.... on a hill you'll see this tiny marble decorated chapel sitting atop the hill, another famous Tuscan landmark (the Vitaleta chapel). Another chance to stop and take more pictures!! At the pace you're driving down to Rome, I'd say you take into consideration all the stops to take pictures and just plan to get to Rome by evening and make the whole day a slow drive down, stopping for meals in the towns you want to see a little more and then along the way to take photos of the very pretty and diverse Tuscan landscape as you head south ;-).

Hope you enjoy your time in Tuscany!!