Staying at a vineyard in Chianti?


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We are two couples looking for a place to enjoy some italian wine in the chianti district. However we are quite poor at locating a vineyard or hotel to satisfy our needs. We are hoping someone here can give us some advice!

Is there a vineyard you world recommend for two days in june for wine tasting? and/or a hotel that offers shuttle buses to vineyards?
It is a pluss if the accomodation also has breakfast included and a pool, but we are mainly there for the wine.
We have a rental car and will therefor be flexibel on location

thank you for your time!



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There are loads to choose from - and definitely staying at a wine estate is the way to go as you don't have to worry about drinking and driving ;-)

Take a look at the ones we've reviewed on this page:

Ones I highly recommend from that list are:
Borgo di Pietrafitta
Villa Medicea di Lilliano
Viticcio (this one is close to many other wine estates, making it easy to walk to other places as well)
Il Cellese
Villa Torre a Cona
Poggio al Casone


rentals Apartment in Chianti

I heard from my brother in law about rentals Apartment in Chianti. He used to stayed there during his honeymoon. Lovely location with stunning nature views around. With 2 big badrooms, kicthen, loung area, wide bathrooms and featured with chestnut beams, original stonework and cotto tiles.And a garden next to a terrace. I have decided to rent that apartment if i ever visited there.