Staying in Rome but would like to get to the Prada outlet, is it possible?

Maria Lee

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Hi, I am meeting a friend in Rome in June. Is it possible to go to the Prada outlet near Florence and get back to Rome within a half-day or is it a full day trip? I assume I need to take a train from Rome to the Prada outlet area and take a cab to the outlet but not sure what time to leave Rome? What a two way ticket would cost to get back and forth? Are there services to meet you at the train to take you to the Prada store? I am not really interested in the other designer stores, just Prada. Thank you!


The Tuscan Expert ;-)
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Read about the Prada outlet and how it works on our page dedicated to outlet shopping in Tuscany here:
As you'll see, there are only 100 numbers given out per day... so you want to be there early.

That means really being at least in Florence for the night and start the day from here... can you manage to do a 2 day trip to Florence to go shopping? ;-)
It really is the only way I can see it as doable, other than getting a private driver to take you to the outlet from Rome early!
From Florence, you could go on a private tour to Prada, but again that would require you to be in Florence then.