Staying in the Florence Region

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Hi! I, along with 5 or 6 girlfriends, will be visiting Italy in late September / early October. We will be spending time in Rome, taking the train to Cinque Terre and then our intent is to stay in the outskirts of Florence. We would prefer not to get a car and rely mostly on public transportation. Do you have any suggestions for the Florence region? Thank you for any recommendations / suggestions.


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You can definitely rely solely on public transportation if you're planning to be in Rome, CT and Florence. How much time will you be in Florence? you can use Florence as a base and take day trips to some other places in Tuscany - take a look at this article:

If you want to stay in the outskirts of Florence, all you need to do is make sure you're near a train or bus line. You could consider anything in Fiesole and Settignano which almost still Florence, or further away in Mugello. Take a look at
I'd recommend La Paggeria, Casa Palmira and Porcigliano as the easiest to stay at outside of the city with bus lines nearby to get back to Florence.


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Outskirts of Florence


if you are considering the countryside around Florence you could also look into an area like Greve in Chianti which is well served with buses and gives you that "Chianti," vineyards and small town feel.

It is about an hour on the bus to Florence ( ) and the bus runs until 8 pm.

One of my favorite places to reccommend in Greve is they have apartments and rooms and they are located right in the middle of town but have a pretty garden with pool in the back.

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