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We have recently retired and we are looking to stay in the countryside in the heart of Tuscany to get a true feel for the area. We want to stay in one villa for around 6 weeks and use it as a base for slowly exploring the area. We need 3 bedrooms so friends and family can come to stay for a few days from time to time and a swimming pool. Likely to travel in September/October budget between 650 and 950 GP pounds per week. Where would be the best area to stay and can anyone recommend any places to stay?
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Villa Medicea di Lilliano is a great place to stay. You feel like you are in heart of heaven and i think this will go with your requirements as well. Here i am going to share few images of this place if you can consider this a place you were looking for.





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Villa Medicea di Lilliano is certainly lovely, has a view of Florence from its garden and the apartments are very spacious, comfortable and well equipped for a long term stay. I've stayed there for a few days, you can read my review and see more pics here:

Also take a look at Torre a Cona, also near Florence and also a wine estate - both will provide the chance to be surrounded by the Tuscan countryside while being close to Florence and in Chianti so easy to drive and do day trips all around the region:

Also take a look at Viticcio, this one just outside Greve in Chianti so a bit further south of Florence but also providing all you're looking for: villa apartments that have 2-3 rooms and pool. Keep in mind most places are like this: you have a large estate divided up, with a shared pool but with your own outdoor area that includes tables and sun loungers. Here's the link:

If you actually want to have an entire estate or villa for yourself, those usually have rooms for anywhere from 14-24 people and the relative price tags, which doesn't seem to be what you want. But take a look at the recommendations so far and browse through the site, there are many other places we have personally visited and reviewed so if you have any questions or want more recommendations, let me know!