Staying near Maiano without a car


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We are planning to stay somewhere near Florence in October. One place we're considering is a few hundred metres from La Fattoria di Maiano. As we won't have a car, we'd be dependent on buses, taxis and walking and I'm wondering how feasible that would be. As we're a group of five adults, would it be easy to get a suitable sized taxi to go out there at the end of the evening? Would it be crazy to think of walking from the bus after dark (by Via Benedetto di Maiano or Via del Salviatino)?


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The roads up there are quite narrow is some places, but up to where the buses reach, the roads are definitely wide enough for them and more... so yes, a place up there is totally feasible for relying on buses, taxis and walking.
I've done both roads on foot during the day but I would also do them at night. Traffic is greatly reduced by then, just be quite aware of any oncoming cars (their lights should give you time to move out of the way) and get out of the way using doorways/entrance to homes for their space. You'll see once you're here and be able to get the hang of it.
As far as taxis go - if you're at a restaurant for dinner, ask THEM to call the taxi for you before you leave and to ASK FOR A TAXI that will fit all of you. You might have to wait longer for it to arrive but that way you have one taxi instead of two. If it is too much of a bother, I'd go with two taxis or with buses+walk. October is not as busy as the summer months, nor as warm, so you should be able to enjoy lots of pleasant walks as well. Just remember this is a hill and the road is UPHILL going back "home" :D