staying on a low sodium diet while in Tuscany


I will be in Tuscany in April and am on a low sodium diet. Here in the U.S., nutritional information is posted on virtually every packaged item in the grocery store. I am wondering if items for sale in large Italian grocery stores provide similar information. Any suggestions you can give me that will help me stay on my diet will be much appreciated.

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Ciao jamiller,

Yes, I can confirm that everything that is packaged and sold at grocery stores also has nutritional information on the package similar to the ones used in the US. You will find it marked as "sodio" or even "sale" (salt).

As far as food you eat out at restaurants, I have found that most dishes are not very salty - they depend on freshness and quality of the ingredients for taste and those are what you will taste. Also know that Tuscan bread is completely saltless - it has remained like that through the centuries, just make sure it is "pane toscano" because other types do have salt. Avoid the "schiacciata" and focaccia as those have large grains of salt on top - unless you want to pick them off and still get a chance to try out the fresh made bread (difficult to resist when you pass by the bakeries with that smell of fresh made bread wafting out :D)



Thanks so much, Lourdes, for this extremely helpful and reassuring response. I've been steeling myself to RESIST the bread and now I won't have to!! Was also afraid my diet would be restricted to bananas and oranges!