Steam train day trips in Italy

Andrew Finch

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I am new to this forum. My wife Helen and I are visiting Italy next month (09AUG13 until 17AUG13), spending 2 days in Verona. 3 days in Venice, an overnight stop in Arezzo and a final 3 nights in Rome,

I have been searching the internet regarding steam train journeys and came across the Faentina railway?.

I was wondering if anybody had details, e.g. ticket prices, timetables for steam train trips, websites which we could both spend a day travelling through the Italian countryside by train.

Many thanks in advance.



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Ciao Andrew and welcome to our forum!

Sorry to be the bearer of bad news but the Faentina rail line is nowadays mostly used by modern trains. There is a stream train that makes its way from Florence to Marradi in October, but only for the special occasion of the Marradi Chestnut festival then. It doesn't go on the Faentina line either, but passes through Pontassieve and Dicomano on its way to Borgo San Lorenzo and then on to Marradi.

The only steam train that runs on a regular basis for tourism in run to the south of Siena and it has a precise schedule - and it doesn't run in August :/
You can see details here:

On the other hand, if you're traveling down the boot by train, you'll be passing lots of beautiful countryside along the way on normal trains. Depending on the speed of your train, you'll get to see more or less of it.... I assume that between Florence and Arezzo you'll be taking a regional train, so you will get to see Tuscan countryside then! Check timetables on