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I would like to travel on a train with the Franco Crosti boilered class 741 locomotive .My wife and I could travel on the 2nd of June train from Siena to Asciano .Has any one any information on what locomotive will be on this train.?
Also ,could someone say what happens between 09.27 and 10.34 with this train ,is that a photo' stop? It is in the program but I can't translate. Thank you


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Trenonatura in Tuscany


Here is a translation:

In the little train station of Monte Antico the train will stop for approximately 25 minutes for the spectacular manuvers and restocking of water. Passengers can take beautiful photos and observe the antique locomotive up-close. We will then depart in the direction of Asciano, going through the UNESCO nominated natural park called Parco della Val d'Orcia in the zone of Brunello Montalcino and the Crete Senesi

From what I can tell there are four types of steam engines that maybe used on the trip, depending on the availability of the engines and the 741 is one of these engines. I have read the program but I don't see where they confirm the type of engine on this trip - I know that sometimes they do. Perhaps as we get a bit closer to the date.

Have you looked at tickets, they fill up fast. However, if you have a car you can always just go straight to the town of Monte Antico and watch as a spectator and not a train rider.

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