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I have never been to Tuscany but can see myself going there later this year.

Meanwhile, I'm wondering if anybody who is well travelled in the area could look at the photo below and tell me if that statue is familiar or not. It's the best picture I have of it and I apologize for the quality and that it's only a partial picture.

Thank you so much!




The Tuscan Expert ;-)
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Ciao Sienna,

I do hope you end up coming to visit Tuscany, it is a beautiful region.

Your question is particular but don't worry, it is always better to ask and maybe not find answers than to keep wondering.

I'm sorry I can't help - the statue doesn't look familiar. It seems to be a woman with a helmet or maybe bonnet seating on a ledge that might be part of a drinking fountain? It is hard to tell - are you sure it is in Tuscany or Florence? If you give us any clues about what you do know about it, maybe it might ring a bell with someone here. It would also be helpful to see more of the background, this type of building could be here but without further clues it is hard to tell.


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Hello and thank you for looking at the picture.

I love this website - it has such good information for planning a trip.

I wish there was more I could show you of the statue but that is all I have. An art history professor told me it was bronze and is either Athena or Minerva. I didn't realize it was a helmet that she was wearing either. And she has a sword in her left hand. I think there may be snakes around her shoulders as I don't think it's her hair.

I thought the helmet was a bonnet too. It's just unusual in that she's sitting on a bench and you don't often see those sculptures like that. The thinking was that it was in or around Florence.

Thank you for thinking about it for me!