Streets around the Medici Palace


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To the Community:

I appreciate your help and assistance and hope that I can provide answers for other posters someday.

I am having trouble finding maps with street names around the Medici Palace at the time of the Quattrocento.

I have found Via Larga, of course, now Via Cavour.

But what about the other streets?

I have found Via de Gori, but I am not sure if that's a name from the past or present. Same with the Vias Ginori and Guelfa.

Can someone please tell me the name of the streets that surrounded the Palace in that time?

Thank you.



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You know how you can see old street names? We have little markers/small plaques placed under the street names that say what the old names were.... now if I street has changed names more than once, sometimes they are both there, but I haven't seen many markers like that.

There are only 3 streets around the palace, as other buildings touch the palace on the northern end.

Using our handy Street View tool on Google, I took a walk around the area... this is what I found:

Via de' Gori was Canto de' Medici

Via dei Ginori seems to be its original name

Via Taddea ---> Via Sant'Orsola
(street nearby)

Via Guelfa ---> Via Baccanella (this was hard as many of the markers are unreadable on the street view tool).
Keep in mind this street is not near or surround the palace.

Hope this is what you needed!