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i will be coming to florence to study for 10 months next year from january to october 2012.
im finding it very difficult to find accommodation on rent between scandicci and central florence.

do u know of any reliable agents or websites that can help me out with this? as i have never been to florence earlier, i want to be careful about paying booking deposits before reaching there and also be assured that the apartment i book will look like the pictures on the site.

any help will be appreciated
tarini kumari


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Ciao Tarini,

Let me welcome you to Florence a little ahead of time then! 10 months will be a good amount of time to get to know the city really well, you'll become an expert!

You're right to be wary when looking for housing to not immediately go ahead with paying deposits although all of them will request it. We highly recommend you go through an agency because, even if the cost is slightly more, you'll be more guaranteed and protected that you'll get the service you're paying for. We can personally recommend the following agencies as we know the owners that run them for many years and know they are serious professionals offering the services and apartments they list on their sites. Take a look and contact them directly for help in finding the right place even if you don't see it on their site, it could be they will be able to more quickly match your needs to one of their apartments.

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Good luck!!! :)