Suggestions for 5 days from Pisa

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I have 5 days to experience Tuscany from 6 May 2018 before visiting the Amalfi coast. I can’t drive Needing a very relaxing place to stay as a base from which to explore There is a bnb in Pisa called Lenzi’s from which various tours are provided to Cinque Terra,Chianti inc Greve, Luca, Sienna, etc, but as private tours they are quite expensive Any suggestions are welcome Many thanks


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Pisa can be a good base since you can take the train to get to places, not everywhere but several - Cinque Terre and Lucca will be the easiest.

Florence makes another great base, so I would suggest maybe staying in Pisa for 2 nights and then moving on to Florence for the next 3. From Pisa, you can get to CT and Lucca by train on your own, not doing tours.
From Florence, you see Florence and can get to Siena by bus on your own. I would suggest a tour just for Chianti as neither trains nor buses make it very easy to visit the area -- that way you can enjoy the landscapes and do wine tastings as well. Take a look at some group tours you can join here (there are lots of types, not just related to wine):


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Tuscany in May


Lourdes offered some good advice about dividing your stay. Though if I were going to choose to stay in that area I really enjoyed Lucca and the small town atmosphere. There are also lots of day trips you can do from Lucca, even if you are not driving:

When you are in Florence you can also check out the variety of organized tours, here are two links where we narrowed it down to a few of our favorites - the title says summer, but many of these start running in May so they should all be valid:

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