Summer Art Camp for Kids


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Hello i am looking for an art camp in July for my 12 year old. I prefer to be in the heart of Florence or in a town nearby where i can walk her to school. Does anyone have any recommendations. I noticed the Canadian Island but it's too far outside the city and i want only art...prefer for 1/2 day. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


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Do you require the art camp to be in English and for how long are you interested the camp to be?

I ask because I am sure there aren't very many options in English... I do remember last year as I searched for summer options for my 5 year old finding an art camp near SMN area but it was all in Italian. I can look it up for you if Italian language would be fine for your child.

If you need it to be in English, my friend Jonnel runs a camp called Inglese for You in Bagno a Ripoli, so close to the center but not walking distance.... plus they run in June and I think half-July. You can check the site here - but I see most of it is in Italian, if you want more info I can put you in touch with her directly to ask for more details.
I believe they do lots of arts, but not just that, the focus is the English language for local kids so there are lots of activities. Kids are enrolled for week-long camps.

Canadian Island is within the city, just a few blocks outside of the historical center and I would say it is walking distance unless you're staying on the opposite side of the center. I know it personally since my children have gone/are presently going there for day care. If you have any specific questions about them, I am sure I can be of help. They have lots of activities in their summer camps, not focused just on art. In any case, for a 12 year old, the older kids are bused out to a local agriturismo/farmhouse every single day for activities, while the location in town is used for the younger kids (under 7, I believe but as young as over 12 months old where they essentially keep functioning as a daily daycare center).