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hey there, would love to do a beginners oil painting course/courses over the summer months July/August, is there any one out there with information as to where I should begin looking?. I Do have experience of drawing, illustration and watercolour, but none in the art of oils..
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a few summer oil painting classes in Florence...

Ciao Conorm,

I am assuming you are interested in a simple course that lasts a few weeks and not a whole program. Your best bet would be to combine a painting class with an Italian language class so that while you are here you feel you're being integrated in daily life.

Ah keep in mind that many schools close in August - it is vacation time here in Florence.

I highly recommend the classes offered by the Koine Center - you can check dates and costs for their painting class here: Painting Classes and Italian Language.
Since the school is completely aimed at foreigners studying in Florence on short term basis (from one week up to 4 weeks or a few months), the classes are highly personalized AND have start dates throughout all of July and August.

The other two that might also have something for you are these two: - check under the section "PAINTING, DRAWING AND MIXED MEDIA"
but I am not sure about their dates. They might start too early for you in June. Contact all of the above to get more specific info on dates and costs.
I found several other schools but they only offered courses in other mediums (watercolor or just drawing) or summer courses which are a part of longer programs.

Let us know if you need more recommendations :)


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Dear Lourdes,
and what do you think about Scuola Leonardo da Vinci?
I am thinking about going there for a painting course (skipping the Italian language course), but I am a bit wrried that everybody would be talking in Italian only. Have you heard anything about this school?
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Art courses in Florence

Dear Ilona,

I'm not able to make any comment about Scuola Leonardo da Vinci because I don't know have direct personal experience about it although I know that it is in Florence. Regarding the classes I think they will be in English and not in Italian, because the school is for foreign students. But this is my personal opinion and it's better if you contact them directly.

I can recommend the Florence language school Centro Italiano Firenze. They organizes good drawing and painting courses in a Florentine artist's studio. Courses can be taken in English upon request and are for small groups - max 5 people. You can choose 1 to 4 weeks courses 2 or 3 hours per day in the afternoon.

I hope my suggestions helped. Don't hesitate to come back with any other question :)