Swimming pools in Florence


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I will be in Florence for 5 days in April. I swim for health reasons and I am hoping to be able to swim while I am in Florence. I would need an indoor pool since it will be cool outside.
Please share with me a place you may know of or an resource I may follow up with. Thank you


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Swimming in Florence


Though I have never used this pool, I have visited the sporting establishment. It is located near the FI SUD exit of Florence, and there are several buses that pass in front of it leaving from the city center (number 31 & 32 for example) so I consider it easy to get to and I know that the establishment is well taken care of.

Piscina Comunale San Marcellino - Fiorentina Nuoto
indirizzo: via Chiantigiana, 28 50126, Firenze
tel: 0556530000 - 0556530001
email: fiorentinanuoto@gmail.com

It costs 7 Euro for entry, and you can use the pool from 8 in the morning till 4 in the afternoon from Mon - Fri.
This time table is valid until June, once the school gets out they will change their availability.

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