Taking my mother away to florence for 10 days in march


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hello, I want to take my mother to Florence for her birthday, she is Italian herself but is from the south of italy and has never been passed Rome. I want her to have quite a relaxing time, (she is going to be 65 and gets quite tired quite quickly so cannot do too much walking) and as we are there for some time, I wondered if it would be better for us to stay somewhere outside the city, and commute in using local train/buses. any suggestions would be very much appreciated thanks


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Florence in March

Buongiorno -

what a wonderful birthday gift!

There a two considerations:

1) if you are positioned more in the country like setting, you would have the advantage of a lovely garden area where your mother could relax and enjoy the scenery - maybe even a small town close by for short strolls and truly enjoying that "Italian" culture which she probably remembers from the south.

a very livable solution could be:

2) in the city you would have easy access to public transport - restaurants and arranged tours therefore less time travelling between the countryside and the city which, depending on the distance, can be rather tiring.
In Florence, this is a nice place: http://www.tuscanyaccommodation.com/il-giglio-d-oro.html

or you could look at http://www.tuscanyaccommodation.com/casamia.html in the city of Arezzo, with direct trains to Florence, Rome and public transport to Siena-

You can have a look here for some arranged tours which would allow you to visit outside of Florence in a relaxing manner:


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