Taxi availability in Manciano


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is itPOSSIBLE to get a taxi to saturnia Cascate del Mulino from MANCIANO AND RETURN?
We will be travelling with suit cases on our way to Rome. we would like to visit the hot springs, and stay the night. would it be best to staty in Manciano and grab a taxi to the springs, or would you advise staying closer to the springs, if so which accomodation is closest to the free cascate del mulino please??
not sure what to do with luggage.... book in to motel and leave it there seems best option so long as we can get a taxi.
do any of the hotels run a shuttle to the springs?
is there anywhere in Manciano to hire a camper van? just for one night??
Thank you very much!!


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Ciao Rita,

You could book this taxi service out of Grosseto or Manciano to Saturnia and back -
just get a price quote ahead of time so you know what you're paying.

To be honest, most people visiting the hot springs are staying in the area and therefore do not have to worry about suitcases. I'd suggest staying in the area if you really want to visit the hot springs without being in a hurry or worried about getting there. Most everyone visits the area with their own car as well.

The article on Saturnia here:
describes how to get there with public transportation.

You could stay the night in the area of Orbetello and from there make your way to Saturnia with bus. Orbetello is on the train line (as is Grosseto but that's a bit further north), so from there it would then be easy to get back and on your way to Rome.

I just replied to a very similar question from Edwin - are you looking at two different options (staying in the area or coming from Orvieto) or is it just a random coincidence to get two questions on Saturnia in less than 24 hours on here? :D


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Caio and thank you..
Edwin and I are together, and full of questions, we have booked accomodation in Orvieto on Saturday night(coming from Venice that morning) and will therefore be requiring a bus or train ticket to get to Saturnia, somehow I worked out that we should arrive in Manciano and from there somehow get to saturnia hot springs.. do the train and or bus services run on sunday from Orvieto to Manciano? please your advice is terrific. we would rather not have to change mode of transport too much, as the luggage is a hassle... if you could reccomend either train...or bus as best option we will take your advice..


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Hi Lourdes,
Its me again, Do you know if any of the hotels or accomodation places have shuttle service to the hot springs in saturnia (free ones)..Again...thankyou


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Ciao Rita and Edwin,

While many people visit the area coming from Orvieto, all the info I am finding indicates that people have their own car. If you read the article on Saturnia above, there is no way to reach it by train: the closest train station is at Albinia closer to the coast, which is on the Grosseto - Rome train line, and then take a bus from there.
And I haven't been able to found any info on buses from Orvieto to Manciano, I am thinking there isn't any! I am thinking it is because Orvieto is not in Tuscany so that the difference in regions affects the routes the transportation system organizes.

How about considering renting a car in Orvieto and that way you can visit Saturnia, Pitigliano, Sorano, Sovano - all in the same area - and then heading down to Rome? (returning the car outside of Rome if you don't want to drive in).
Otherwise, those taxi links I shared yesterday are your best option.

You can look at accommodation in the area around Saturnia here:
- be careful, if you select something in the countryside, how are you going to get there? Best choice is something in the towns such as Saturnia and Manciano because there is a bus from Manciano to Saturnia to Semproniano with stops in between - - but none run on the weekends!

So, if you really really want to visit this area coming from Orvieto, your own means of transportation is about the only solution so that your vacation doesn't become a headache!

Saturnia CAN be visited with bus - but more time would be required and a different route of arriving there would be better. If you weren't coming from Orvieto, if instead you came from Venice down to Grosseto and down to Orbetello, the visit would be much easier to coordinate with buses.