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me and my wife will stay in an agroturismo at siena's outskirt Strada della Befana on 13-15th may, then we will continue to milan by sena bus which depart on 7.30 am, is it possible in siena to call a taxi to pick us up on 6.30 am? any info about their phone number will be much apreciated
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Radio Taxi in Siena


the phone number for the radio taxi in Siena is : 0577 49222

You are not too far from the train station, if I got it right you are less than 5 km from the buses...but the hour makes it a bit tough.

Normally you can't reserve in andvance - but I would try all the same to call in the day ahead to arrange a taxi.

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In Florence, for early morning departures you can call the night ahead to book the taxi so I would try to do it in Siena as well. I think it should work out.