Taxi to Tirrenia?


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Hi Lourdes, I am new to website, so I am not sure how to ask you a question directly. I am travelling to Tirrenia next Monday with my wife and 2 kids. we are flying to Pisa and my experience is Italian taxis are very expensive. it will be our 4th time in Tuscany. Can you tell me if I get a bus from Pisa to Tirrenia, our hotel is The Grand Hotel Continental. Will this hotel be far from bus stop


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you can definitely do bus to Tirrenia

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I'll try to answer as quickly as I can, just sometimes there isn't much time....

I think you can definitely get there with bus 10 from Pisa - take a look at my answer on this other thread:

Google maps it taking about 40 minutes by bus and the stop looks to be just 100 meters from the hotel.