The European Culture Week


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We are planning to visit the Ufizzi Gallery on Tuesday April 20th.
On one website,, I read that: Uffizi sold out dates are: For the European Culture Week, from the 16 to the 25 of April the state museums will be free
What does that mean? Can we not visit the Gallery on those dates, or is it sold out, or is it just not possible to buy tickets because it is free?
On the official website for the gallery, it looks like these dates are sold out.
Can anyone help me with this question?


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there are tickets available for that day on other sites

Ciao Nina,

For European Culture Week, which this year is from April 16th through the 25th, state museums all over Italy are free. This includes the Uffizi and the Accademia in Florence, which are state museums. This does not include city museums, such as Palazzo Vecchio.

While you don't have to pay for the entrance fee, you can still book tickets ahead of time to avoid lines and only pay the advance booking commission. It seems the site you checked out has sold out the tickets they have available for that day, as does the "official" site (it is also a third party vendor). But I saw that Florence-Tickets still has tickets for April 20. Check out the different times, you'll see cost comes out for just the commissions and not ticket cost.

Hope this info is useful!


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Thank you!

I have now ordered my tickets for Uffizi on the 20th of April on the website you suggested. Thank you very much for your help.