The Holy Popes visit


I hear that the Pope will be visiting Abruzzo and ( city of Onna) I would love to attend the prayer service but I want to make sure that we are not in any ones way. I would just love to share in the prayer service. Please advise as to what would be appropriate.
Thank you


The Tuscan Expert ;-)
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It is difficult to evaluate whether you would indeed be in the way or not, but based on what the media says, it seems that for now visitors are encouraged to stay away.

Many of the areas are still not in a condition to handle the needs of residents, so they'd be less likely to share what is available with out of the area visitors.

Also from the program for the pope's visit, he will be there visiting one of the tent cities (the one at Onna), then going to l'Aquila to meet with students, majors and other officials. The prayer service will be in the main piazza, and then he departs for the Vatican in helicopter. All in one day. His visit will be short, mostly to show moral support for the earthquake victims and I doubt you would easily be able to reach l'Aquila in time.

Sky TV will be showing live coverage, so it might be better to follow and join from where you'll be.