Thermal Water Spas/Pools open between 26-31 December


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Dear all, I would like to stay in Tuscany from 26-31 December and I would like to try the Thermal Water Spa/Pools.
But my concern if if any is open during this time? and if they can be reached by public transportation.

Besides, any activities (local Christmas Market) are recommended to visit?
Many thanks in advance.


The Tuscan Expert ;-)
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I assume you're thinking of the outdoor spa/hot springs? Those are open ALL of the time, and all hotels/resorts built around the hot springs are also open.

The hard part is getting to them with public transport over holidays as the time schedules change and are quite limited. I would suggest renting a car if you definitely want to plan your time around the hot springs and spend time there and driving around the area.

Where do you arrive to, Rome or Florence? Which hot springs are you interested in?