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I have been reading several websites and confused on the price of the tickets to Acaademia. I read in the official website it is 6.5 Euros per adult, however every website i try purchasing is more than 15 Euros pp. could you pls advise what is the basic face value cost and where i can buy the same. Mtks


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Ciao PFluer,

You're right, the adult ticket to both the Uffizi and Accademia museums is generally 6,50 euro -- that is the cost bought at the window office if there are no current exhibits going on when you visit.
To be honest, it seems to me that the museum curators manage to often have exhibitions going on (which are not optional) that make the cost of the ticket rise to 10 euro.
Booking online to avoid queues at these two very popular museums is convenient but is also adds on a booking fee and this feee varies according to the website you use to book your tickets. To make things a little more complicated, each website (even the "official" one) has a limited amount of tickets for each and time so if you're set on visiting the Accademia on a certain date and time, you might find tickets on one site but not on another for the exact same date and time!

In the interest of full disclosure because that is how I am ;) this website ( sells museum tickets online as an affiliate and we get a small part of the booking fee --- if you book through this link, you support this forum and blog and site overall! :)

You should also know of a very new offering by the city museums, a city museum card valid for 72 hours that lets you visit all the museums listed. The city museum card isn't cheap (50 euro) so you'll have to figure out if there are other museums on your list that would make it cheaper to buy the card instead of tickets for each museum.

If you keep checking the DT Blog, we also often publish news about special events that let you into the museums for free. Just as an example, this coming up week is Culture Week and all state museums in Italy will be free. Long lines are to be expected so anyone interested might still consider buying online and paying the booking fees to get into the museums without the queue.
Depending on when you're in Florence, you should also know that the last Tuesday of the month for all 2011, as part of the "Tuesdays in Art" initiative, means that the Accademia can be visited that evening for free.

So make sure to stay posted! we try to help as much as we can to help in planning your visit to Florence and Tuscany, and hope this information is useful and not TOO much! :)
HI lourdes,

I am leaving singapore for rome on 5 june. I went on your website to buy tickets for the florence museams but it says that i get confirmation by email and actual vouchers
will be mailed to me by post. As you can see I dont have that much time left.
So what should I do?
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Actually if you buy museum tickets through our Florence museum ticket partner you should get your vouchers by EMAIL that you then present at the ticket office - so for whatever museum you want to buy tickets for, you should still be in time to get them before your visit!

Enjoy Florence and Tuscany!