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I don't know if this question has a real answer but here goes.

This is our first European trip. We have always traveled west or into the Pacific regions. How do most of you find it is dealing with the US to Europe time shift. Easier to deal with the early Am hours? For us loosing hours has always been easy traveling to our destinations. Wondering if we will be up and looking for something to do at the crack of dawn in Italy?
Time change

We just returned Friday from two weeks in the Tuscany, Bologna and Venice areas. There is a 6 hour time difference from the US East Coast - traveling to the area wasnt an issue at all - other than the long delayed flights - however we have been home since Friday night and I'm still trying to get my internal clock to adjust back. I'm up at the crack of dawn here! Have a blast - you'll adjust quickly.


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I'm from California so there is 9 hours difference between there and Italy.
It is definitely easier going west - when we go back home, we are just tired early and go to bed early, wake up early and adjust quicker.

When we return to Italy, if we know we'll arrive early in Florence, we do take a nap on the plane and then try to resist for the rest of the day and try to go to bed early enough... otherwise we end up "waking up" and then not being sleepy at all until the early hours of the morning. That first day is important. If you arrive later in the evening into Italy, try to not sleep on the flight too much and just head to bed early.

You'll be busy traveling, getting tired from walking, the sun and air so it will be easy to get to sleep, even if your internal clock is still back say those 9 hours. Adjustment will be quick, in a matter of days.... the problem is if you aren't too tired by the end of the night, then it is hard to make yourself go to bed and sleep.

Good luck and have fun on your first European trip!!